new or used recycling equipment

16 Oct 3 Things to Consider When Deciding Between Purchasing New or Used Recycling Equipment

new or used recycling equipmentWhether your business works in the recycling industry or you want to introduce recycling into your waste management processes, there is a range of equipment available. As the recycling industry is more thriving than ever, there is a huge increase in equipment both new and used, allowing businesses the opportunity to buy either type for their recycling requirements.

Like in many other industries, there are both pros and cons to buying used or new recycling equipment, and the recycling industry is no different. Each option has it’s warrants, so it often depends on the circumstances of each business to determine which is best.

Here are 3 things to consider when deciding between purchasing new or used recycling equipment:

1. Budget

One of the easiest considerations to make when choosing between new and used recycling equipment is your budget. Simply put, new equipment will always cost more than buying new, so if you are working on a tighter budget then buying used is probably the best option.

However, it’s worth remembering that the new equipment may end up cheaper over the long-term. This is because they have warranties and replacement parts are widely available, which isn’t always the case for used machinery, making repairs costlier over the long-term.

You may not have the initial capital to invest in new machinery, but those that do who need the machinery for a long period may save more money by investing now and keeping running costs lower.

2. Maintenance

Following up on the previous point, newer machinery is always easier to maintain compared to used. Obviously, used machinery has been in use for some time, meaning all the internal components and electrics are worn and are more susceptible to failure.

In most cases, you will find that the maintenance cost for used machinery is much higher than maintenance for new equipment.
Costs aren’t the only thing to consider with maintenance issues though, as equipment that is out of commission due to repairs may be problematic for recycling targets, so if you can’t afford to have equipment out of use for some time then new buys may be the better choice.

3. Recycling Processes

It’s important to consider the type of recycling you do to ensure you buy a suitable machine for the job. For instance, new recycling equipment is more advanced so it may be more suitable for your recycling needs, especially when specializing in certain types of recycling.

Higher volumes of recycling may also warrant new machinery. This is because it’s getting used so often that you want to ensure it runs at optimal levels, otherwise recycling processes may be less efficient, costing both time and money.

However, those that have only basic recycling needs may benefit from a used machine. For instance, if you only need a baler to recycle carboard then a used machine may be more than enough for this task. You want to avoid overspending on unnecessary equipment, which is often the case with new and advanced recycling machinery.

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