Why Businesses Should Use Commercial Trash Compactors Instead of Regular Dumpsters

12 Jan 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Commercial Trash Compactors Instead of Regular Dumpsters

Why Businesses Should Use Commercial Trash Compactors Instead of Regular DumpstersUpgrading waste management systems is always worthwhile if the volume of waste requires more efficient processes. Any businesses looking to streamline waste management will certainly benefit from upgrading to a commercial trash compactor, with this hardware providing many advantages over regular dumpsters.

As the name suggests, a trash compactor compacts waste into much a smaller, more manageable size that makes disposal and recycling much easier. There many other benefits gained when upgrading to a commercial trash compactor, so be sure to consider investing in one if your business is looking to improve waste management.

Businesses are rightfully expected to take strong measures to reduce their carbon footprint, so adding new initiatives to waste management is an effective way to increase their green efforts. Trash compactors significantly increase recycling capabilities by allowing businesses to compact more trash for recycling, reducing the amount going directly into landfill sites.

Free Up Space
It may seem odd that a large machine like a commercial trash compactor saves a business space but this is certainly true. Because the waste is compacted it becomes much smaller cubes and bales, with the overall volume of waste greatly reduced, meaning the need for fewer dumpsters filled with trash.

Even the bulkiest waste items are easily compacted with a trash compactor, so there is also less waste lying around awaiting disposal, freeing up space around the premises. A single trash compactor allows a business to get rid of many dumpsters, freeing up lots of valuable space.

Save Time and Money
While the initial investment for a commercial trash compactor is high it usually saves the business money over the long term. This is due to various cost reductions in waste management processes, such as less money spent on garbage trucks hauling waste and fewer trips to waste disposal facilities.

This also means more time is freed up for other things around the business, with time being one of the most valuable commodities a business has.

Cleaner Work Environment
Dumpsters are essential for any business, but too many dumpsters loaded with trash usually attracts unwanted guests in the form of rats, mice, racoons, and other vermin. Plus, the overall sanitation in and around dumpsters isn’t the best, meaning the workspace is usually very unclean and unpleasant.

Trash compactors significantly reduce waste volume and allow for easier and quicker waste disposal, meaning fewer dumpsters and the pests they attract. The work environment naturally becomes cleaner and more sanitized, which is always beneficial for employees.

Flexible Solutions
Commercial trash compactors come in various sizes to accommodate the needs of every business. They’re very flexible to work with, with stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, and closed-end compactors being the options. This makes it easy to find a compactor that suits a company’s overall waste volume and recycling goals.

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