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21 Nov The Top 7 Money Making Recyclable Materials

The Top 7 Money Making Recyclable Materials

metal recyclingBy recycling, not only can you help the environment, you can make money too. Whether you are selling your old cell phone or recycling cans, there are a lot of ways you can make money. While some things are easy to recycle, others require some effort.

Following are 7 of the top money-making recyclable materials:

1. Metals

If you want to make money from recycling that is worth mentioning, recycling of metals is the best way to do it. Most recycling centers in the country are setup specifically for scrapping metals. Those recycling centers have large scales and they pay good compensation to recyclers who bring in heavy loads.

A thing to keep in mind is that there are two kinds of metals i.e. ferrous and non-ferrous. And the amount payed for each type is different from another. The price range can also differ on geographic basis, and they usually vary with the price of gas.

2. Food Packaging

You can easily sell your food packaging and food labels on eBay. Visit the ‘Reward Points’ section on the site. Although not all kinds of food packaging are applicable, there are some companies that have loyalty programs where you can redeem the packaging for prizes.

3. Cans

While there are people who may pick up cans you leave behind as garbage, it wouldn’t be bad to keep hold of them and recycle them yourself for money. There are a lot of ‘cash for cans’ centers in the country, so it could be an option for you.

4. Plastic Bottles

Similar to aluminum cans, you can recycle plastic bottles for money. Most of the recycling centers pay by the weight, therefore it is recommended that you save gas by collecting as many bottles as possible before taking the trip.

5. Clothes

Whether you have got no room for your old clothes, or the clothes that your kids used to wear have now grown them out, you can easily recycle them for cash. There are companies that will purchase your old clothes, linen, and shoes.

6. Mobile Phones

When you upgrade your phone, the network you have a contract with may allow you to cash in your old phone as a deposit and make your new contract cheaper.

If you haven’t had the chance to do that and now you are finished with it, you could easily sell your old phone as refurbished by putting it on eBay. The price you will get for it depends on the condition of the phone- the better the condition the more money you are likely to get.

7. Car Batteries

Dead batteries can be reused to make new ones. So if the battery of your car is dead, call the company you purchased it from to determine their policy. Many companies will pay you to bring it back.

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