top items to recycle in california

14 Sep The Top 4 Most Profitable Things to Recycle in California

The Top 4 Most Profitable Things to Recycle in California

top items to recycle in californiaAlmost everything is recyclable. Everything returns to dust with the passage of time one way or the other. The only difference is in what form and how quickly it gets there. From ink cartridges to scrap metal, construction materials to food packaging, you can recycle various items of everyday use in exchange for cash.
In order to recycle, you must find a recycling center first. There are many located in California, you can search them on the internet for details and location.

Following are the top most profitable things to recycle:

1. Scrap Metal

One of the most profitable materials to recycle is scrap metal. That’s why, scrap metal theft is quite common and there even have been reports of community recycling dumpsters raids in search of metal.
Some of the most common scrap metals you can recycle for cash are copper, aluminum, and steel. When it comes to recycling scrap metal, an alternate option to recycling center is the scrap yard. Google your location with the term ‘scrap yard’ in order to find the one that may take the metals you have.
Once you have rounded up the scrap metal, it is important find out if it is ferrous or non-ferrous. Use a magnet for this purpose. If the metal sticks to the magnet, then the metal is ferrous and probably a common metal like iron or steel. Usually, these items are not worth that much. On the other hand, if the magnet doesn’t stick, then you probably have aluminum, copper, stainless steel, bronze, or brass on your hands. These metals are quite profitable to recycle.

2. Bottles and Cans

Bottles and cans are the most common things to recycle. You can earn profit by rounding them up from your work, family and friends, at events or just your own home. California offers 5 cents for most glass and plastic bottles as well as aluminum cans that are smaller than 24 ounces. Larger containers having 24-ounce or more are worth 10 cents. It’s a bottle deposit technically, but most people don’t collect their refunds, so it’s easy money for cans and bottles collectors.

3. Ink Cartridges

Numerous office supply stores including Office Depot and Staples, take used ink cartridges as recycles. You can receive$2 per cartridge from Staples, with a total of 20 returns every month, however it is required that you have spent at least $30 on ink there in the last 180 days. Office Depot on the other hand, offers 200 points for up to 10 cartridges a month, however, you are required to make a $10 qualifying purchase in that month. Most online and in-store purchases count, but there are certain exclusions (such as postage and gift cards) that apply. You can use your points toward various perks and discounts.

4. Quirky Recyclables

Bottles and cans are not the only common items you can recycle for cash. There are a number of quirky items ranging from food packaging to wine corks, too.

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