07 Mar The 5 Things You Should Never Put Into The Commercial Trash Compactor You Use At Your Business

The 5 Things You Should Never Put Into The Commercial Trash Compactor You Use At Your Business

4-ways-a-waste-compactor-can-save-your-company-moneyCommercial trash compactors offer a variety of benefits for many businesses. From enhancing waste management programs to making a workplace safer and cleaner, there are countless reasons to invest in a commercial trash compactor.

However, once you’ve purchased a commercial trash compactor for your business, there are some things to consider. For instance, health and safety is paramount when using compactors, but there are also various things that you should never put inside of a commercial trash compactor.

1. Limbs

This may be obvious for some, but there is one thing that absolutely never goes inside of a compactor in any circumstances – limbs!

People often make the mistake of placing their arms inside of a compactor to remove certain materials or to move something inside, but this should never happen. It’s always recommended to use a stick or other long object when you need to access inside the compactor, otherwise you risk losing a limb or even worse.

2. Aerosol Sprays

One of the most difficult items to safely dispose of, aerosol should never be placed inside of a commercial trash compactor. These items explode when compressed so are an unnecessary safety risk that may even damage the compactor.

While smaller aerosol sprays may be fine to compress in some instances, it’s never recommended that you take the risk on a commercial machine, especially if the aerosol containers are larger.

3. Flammable or Explosive Materials

Any materials that are flammable or likely to explode should never be placed inside of a compactor. The reasons are rather obvious – you don’t want a compactor to catch fire or have a small explosion inside.

Not only could this destroy the compactor, it may even cause injuries or fatalities to employees using the compactor.

4. Batteries

The contents of batteries are highly toxic when released into the environment, so they require special processes for safe recycling and disposable. Therefore, batteries should never be thrown in a commercial trash compactor as they will contaminate any compressed waste and make it unsuitable for recycling and conventional disposal.

5. Liquids

While most trash compactors won’t malfunction with the addition of liquid waste, it does result in a fair amount of mess. Liquids spread all over the compressed trash, making it unpleasant to handle and it often results in bad odors too.

So, always try to avoid throwing liquids into a compactor, as it serves almost no purpose other than making the contents soggy.

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