The 5 Most Common Types of Businesses That Use Balers in Their Waste Management

22 Mar The 5 Most Common Types of Businesses That Use Balers in Their Waste Management

The 5 Most Common Types of Businesses That Use Balers in Their Waste ManagementBalers are important to any business’s recycling program. These machines are extremely helpful when it comes to compressing large amounts of recyclable material for easier shipment and storage. With balers, smaller companies don’t have to invest as much in other areas of waste management e.g. collection bins. Larger companies on the other hand, can easily store large quantities of recyclables and sell them to recycling companies to make some money.

Although balers are beneficial to many types of businesses, there are certain businesses that take advantage of these machines relatively more.

Following are 5 of the most common types of businesses that use balers in their waste management:

1. Restaurants
Restaurants receive dozens of cardboard boxes every day that are filled with ingredients and fresh produce for preparing meals. Since recycling cardboard manually literally requires hours of folding as well as investment of manual labors, restaurants invest in balers as they are ideal for anyone trying to run such a busy business. Balers allow restaurants to condense cardboard as well as other recyclable materials quite easily and have them stored into small spaces without any issues.

2. Hotels
Just like restaurants, hotels also rely on balers for efficient, quick everyday waste management in the cleanest possible manner. Without balers, hotels would have to combine lots of recyclable waste with regular garbage which wouldn’t be eco-friendly. Not to mention it would also be relatively expensive and lead to health risks for hotel guests. That’s why hotels are among the most common types of businesses that use balers in their waste management.

3. Distribution Centers
Distribution centers deal with large quantities of surplus cardboard on a regular basis. To deal with such a large amount of waste, these businesses use quality commercial balers. Without these useful machines, dealing with this waste can become a logistics nightmare.

4. Garden Centers
Garden centers require a lot of plastic packaging when distributing plants and soil. They use balers to compress the packaging into stackable cubes. Since balers save them from a large amount of storage for recyclable rubbish, these businesses heavily rely on these machines to run huge operations over several acres very conveniently.

5. Retail Businesses
Retail businesses are some of the most common sectors that use balers in their waste management. This is because these businesses produce large volumes of waste and not recycling the majority of their cardboard, paper, and plastic would be unethical. Balers are needed because these machines make recycling of such materials very simple and efficient. Retail businesses often use a variety of balers, some for plastic while others for cardboard.

Final Word
A wide variety of businesses rely on balers for a whole host of reasons, saving them a lot of time and money. From a discounted waste solution to the cleanliness and tidiness of store shelves, whatever your business or industry, if it produces a lot of recyclable waste, then a baler could be an ideal solution for you.

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