09 Apr Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Company’s Commercial Trash Compactor

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Company’s Commercial Trash Compactor

spring-cleaning-and-maintenance-tips-for-your-companys-commercial-trash-compactorSpring is in air, which means it time to declutter the home and get things nice and clean. But spring cleaning doesn’t need to be exclusive to your home – it’s a great opportunity to get things clean at the workplace too.

A commercial trash compactor is a fantastic investment for many businesses, allowing for much more efficient trash management. Yet it’s important to clean a trash compactor and complete routine maintenance to keep it working at its best.

Here are five spring cleaning and maintenance tips for your company’s commercial trash compactor:

1. Keep the surrounding area clean

Trash compactors that deal with high volumes of trash are often surrounded with junk waiting to be compacted. This is never a good idea, as it’s a quick way to attract vermin, while things like broken glass may hurt someone.

So, be sure to frequently inspect the surrounding area of your trash compactor to make sure it’s clean. Remove all debris and loose trash, relocating it to a safer area to await disposal. Also, stay on top of this year-round!

2. Clean the compactor of dust and debris

Much like the surrounding area, the actual compactor should always be kept clean and debris-free. Check across the entire surface area for dust, dirt, and grime, while scrubbing them away. Pay close attention to the cooler and motors of the baler, as these areas create lots of heat so attract more dust.

3. Clean the inside

To ensure there is no chance of vermin, it’s good to clean the interior of the compactor. Pressure washers are unquestionably the best choice here, as they can thoroughly clean away debris build ups and other mess inside.

This may be worth outsourcing to professional cleaning company to avoid unnecessary health and safety risks. It may also be worth hiring cleaners if you have several compactors needing a clean.

4. Inspect the hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is the most important component of a commercial trash compactor, so it’s always recommended to regularly inspect it. Because it deals with high pressure and temperatures daily, there may be a need to replace oil and fluids, while also checking for leakages.

Also, be sure to clean the hydraulic system. A pressure washer is a good option here, although a thorough clean with water and an old rag works well. If there are signs of oil or fluid leakages, be sure to contact the manufacturer immediately.

5. Examine components and parts

Beyond the hydraulic system, there are several parts of the trash compactor that should be checked. This ensures the compact is well maintained, meaning it will function better for longer.

Check the following parts to ensure they are working and clean:

  • Filters
  • Cylinders and their housing
  • Pumps and pipes
  • Motors
  • Switches
  • Electric components
  • Floor and side plates

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