11 Jan Protect Your Staff with These 5 Safety Tips When Operating Commercial Trash Compactors

Protect Your Staff with These 5 Safety Tips When Operating Commercial Trash Compactors

protect-your-staff-with-these-5-safety-tips-when-operating-commercial-trash-compactorsA commercial trash compactor is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for improving a waste management system. Many businesses are seeing the benefits of being able to better sort and manage their waste, allowing them to save time and money.

Of course, using industrial equipment such as a trash compactor comes with many hazards, so it is vitally important that staff operating the machinery know what they are doing. Nobody should be operating a commercial trash compactor without the necessary safety training, otherwise there could be a serious accident with severe consequences.

Employee safety always takes precedence for any business, so make sure you protect your staff with these five safety tips when operating a commercial trash compactor:

1. Always Ensure Staff are Fully Trained

It is an obvious statement but no less important – only trained staff should be allowed to operate a trash compactor. Even if the machinery is relatively easy to understand and operate, they still present a huge risk, generating a huge amount of force that can be deadly to a person.

Ensure trained staff are fully knowledgeable in all aspects of compactor operation, and never allow someone without training near the machine. Make sure everyone trained to use the compactor knows all the controls and procedures, especially how to quickly perform an emergency stop.

2. Train Every Member of Staff

One of the easiest ways to avoid accidents with a trash compactor is to train all your staff on how to use it. This includes people that may not ever use it, as being trained how to safely operate the machine should ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum, as nobody will be unfamiliar with safety procedures.

Knowing all staff are fully trained in safety offers great peace of mind for any business using a commercial trash compactor.

3. Provide a Rod for Moving Items

There will occasionally be an item thrown into a trash compactor that does not properly fit or should not even be there in the first place. In these instances, the items need to be moved around or removed entirely, so it helps to have a suitable piece of equipment that prevents people using their arms.

Any type of metal rod or stick is a useful item in the regard. It allows staff to move things around should they not fit into the compactor properly or remove it if necessary, all while avoiding the use of any of their limbs.

Again – ensure they never place any part of the body inside the threshold of the compactor!

4. Check for Animals

While live animals tend to avoid trash compactors, there may be a chance a raccoon or other small creature accidentally makes its way inside. The chances are slim, but it is always worth checking to ensure no accidents occur – always tell your staff to check for signs of animals inside before using a trash compactor.

5. Door Safety

There are two safety rules to follow when using a commercial trash compactor. First, always make sure the door of the compactor is shut before operating the equipment. Second, never open the door when the compactor is in operation – the risk of injury is massive, so never take the chance.

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