07 Feb Industrial Trash Compactors Work as Good as They Do for These 5 Reasons

Industrial-Trash-Compactors-Work-as-Good-as-They-Do-for-These-5-ReasonsIndustrial trash compactors are growing in popularity in various industries that produce large amounts of waste material and are looking for ways to avoid having a lot of clutter because of it. Installing an industrial trash compactor to help with industrial waste management is highly beneficial and cost effective. There are a lot of reasons why these compactors are so popular in various industries and why businesses choose these instead of other waste management and waste processing machines.

Following are 5 reasons why industrial trash compactors work as good as they do and why they are widely used by numerous businesses:

1. They Are Heavy Duty
Industrial trash compactors are heavy duty as they are designed to handle high volumes of dry or wet materials, as well as heavy, large materials such as packaging material, scrap process material, and wooden skids and crates. Since they are heavy duty, they are generally installed in “around the clock” manufacturing plants, high volume warehouses and retail outlets, as well as institutional facilities. They are recommended for installations that require one or more pulls per day.

2. High Performance and Cost Effectiveness
The electric motor used in industrial trash compactors powers the press that is needed to exert a great amount of force upon the waste materials. Some specific models of these compactors use a hydraulic system that helps reduce the amount of heat produced as a result of the entire process. In this way, such compactors minimize energy loss. The waste material cannot be further compressed when the press reaches a set, pressure point. The machine then returns to its original position and the waste that is now compressed can be easily removed. Unlike commercial compactors that use bags or bins to store the freshly compressed materials, industrial trash compactors generally produce bales of waste materials.

3. They Can Process a Wide Variety of Materials
Another reason industrial trash compactors are preferred in many industries is that these powerful machines can process a wide variety of materials. Some of these include plastic and fibrous metals, metal scraps, rubber waste, drums, food products, textiles, and almost any type of waste. Furthermore, you can also fit these compactors with extraction capabilities. These allow them to remove any moisture residue or liquids in the waste material.

4. Up to 75% Waste Reduction
The efficiency of industrial trash compactors is one of the primary reasons why they are considered the best choice for various businesses. These powerful compactors can reduce the waste materials’ volume by up to 75%. Thanks to this high percentage, the storage and transportation costs are reduced. It saves space in landfills as well.

5. They Come in Different Styles Which are Suitable for Various Businesses
Some common styles of these compactors include horizonal, vertical, self-contained, and stationary. They are also designed for industry-specific and material-specific applications. There are three main components of industrial trash compactors i.e. a large metal chamber, a pneumatically or hydraulically powered press, and an electric motor.

Thanks to the various features and advantages of these powerhouses, it is very important for businesses and industries to invest in industrial trash compactors to maximize profits by saving on space.

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