Industrial Trash Compactors Are Great For These 4 Types of Waste

07 Jul Industrial Trash Compactors Are Great For These 4 Types of Waste

Industrial Trash Compactors Are Great For These 4 Types of WasteFor many businesses, industrial trash compactors are considered a must-have. Apart from helping to reduce the amount of different types of waste that is collected, industrial compactors come with a number of additional benefits.

The type of waste a business produces varies from one industry to another. How you reduce restaurant waste is going to be different than how you reduce manufacturing waste. Fortunately, industrial trash compactors come in different varieties, suitable for different types of waste.

Here are 4 types of waste industrial trash compactors are great for:

1. Industrial, Manufacturing Waste

Stationary industrial trash compactors are commonly used for this type of waste. Stationary compactors are basically permanent fixtures in one place. They work well for places like light industrial plants, manufacturing plants, etc. These trash compactors help lower the cost of haulage and reduce the material handling expense with each load. Factories and other types of businesses also prefer industrial trash compactors since they produce all kinds of different materials that need to be compacted. These trash compactors are heavy-duty and can handle the compaction of industrial or manufacturing waste an industrial plant or factory throws out on a regular basis.

2. Wet Waste

Certain types of industrial trash compactors are designed for wet waste management. These usually include self-contained trash compactors. The container and the body of the compactor are built as an integral unit and are taken to the landfill together. Although they are ideal for wet waste management, these trash compactors are also frequently used for dry waste. Vertical industrial trash compactors are great for both dry and wet items. Such compactors help to minimize the use of open containers, hence adding to the aesthetic of the operation as you don’t have to look at trash just sitting in an open container.

3. Dry Waste

Stationary industrial compactors are also ideal for dry waste management. The body of such compactors is bolted to the concrete pad at four or more anchor points. These heavy-duty industrial compactors pack waste directly into a separate receiver container that you can swap out on the pickup day. Removing the container is easy as all you need to do is loosen the ratchet binders the container is attached to. These trash compactors are easy to operate and work well for nursing homes, schools, fast food places, hotels, and restaurants.

4. Recyclable Materials

There are certain types of industrial trash compactors that focus more on recyclable materials like plastic, paper, rags, aluminum, and cardboard. These trash compactors usually feature a vertical design which is an excellent space-saving solution for many organizations and businesses. Some types of vertical industrial trash compactors have hydraulic ejection systems. Using such compactors cuts down on maintenance and it is easier to load as well. It is recommended that you use industrial trash compactors that features heavy-duty construction to make sure that it handles everything you want to put inside.

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