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29 Sep The 4 Cardboard Baler Parts That Most Often Need To Be Replaced

galaxy2r-wide-model-baler H-West EquipmentA cardboard baler should always receive regular scheduled maintenance to keep it working at maximum efficiency, but even the best maintained balers are susceptible to breakdowns.

Due to the various internal components present in a cardboard baler, breakdowns are usually caused by issues with a specific part of the machine, so replacing parts is commonplace to keep the machine operating over the long-term.

Some parts tend to fail more often than others, mainly because they are used more often during the compacting process. Here are the 4 cardboard baler parts that most often need to be replaced:

1. Oil Filter

To maintain the hydraulic system the baler’s oil filter needs to be regularly replaced. There are different recommendations depending on the type of baler, but most recommend an oil filter change after 50 hours of use, followed by every 250 hours after the first change.

2. Hydraulic Components

A cardboard baler consists of various hydraulic components that provide the machine with its impressive crush action. Because this is the most frequently used part of the machine, there are various hydraulic components that need to be replaced due to general wear and tear over time.

Hoses and fittings tend to need replacing the most because they wear down much quicker than other parts. Sometimes it’s a case of tightening loose components to restore crushing action, but it’s inevitable that some parts will need replacing due to daily use.

3. Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder produces the main crushing power of a baler, and while they are incredibly durable and last for many years, they often break-down and require replacements. This can be a huge investment and very time-consuming, as the cylinder usually needs to be custom made and then shipped out.

Because of this, it’s often recommended that you get a spare hydraulic cylinder when buying or leasing the baler. Most baler manufacturers provide an estimated lifespan for such an integral component of the machine, giving a good indication of when a replacement is likely needed.

4. Electrical Components

Like any industrial machine, a cardboard baler features a range of electrical components that allow the machine to function. While they don’t fail as often as hydraulic components, electric issues are common for most balers, with replacement parts being relatively easy to install.

Some of the more common electrical components that need replacing in a cardboard baler include circuitry, electric conduit, electrical wires, relays, and other common connections. Again, it’s usually quick and easy to replace these parts.

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