16 Dec 8 Things That Are Made from Recycled Plastic

8 Things That Are Made from Recycled Plastic

products-made-from-recycled-plasticManufacturing goods from recycled and reclaimed materials has become quite popular in the last decade. Thanks to the new technology available, the quality and appearance of these goods is also improved. Plastics is one area where recycling has drastically developed.

Recycled plastics nowadays are robust with an outstanding finish and excellent appearance. Most plastic products are not only made from recycled materials but when disposed of, they themselves can also be recycled.
Following are 8 things that are made from recycled plastic:

1. Shampoo Bottles

Plastic bottles for detergent, shampoo, as well as household cleaners come mostly from a recycled plastic known as high-density polyethylene. Manufacturers often leave the plastic in its natural, translucent state, that has milky white color or sometimes they add colorful pigments in order to make bottles stand out from the competition. While the recycled high-density polyethylene is being used in manufacturing milk bottles, it is best suited for non-food products only.

2. Film and Sheeting

Apart from high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene is also quite popular when it comes to recycled plastic products. It is more flexible and transparent than the high-density variety. Both types have similar ability to resist chemicals such as bases and acids. Recycled low-density polyethylene finds its way into products such as film and sheeting, as well as shipping envelopes.

3. Traffic Cones

Recycled polyvinyl chloride is suitable for manufacturing resilient and flexible goods such as garden hoses, mud flaps, and orange traffic cones. Unlike fragile materials such as polystyrene, this polyvinyl chloride is tough and handles impacts very well. There, it is also used in rigid items such as decking and floor tiles, plumbing pipes, etc. Just like other types of recycled plastics, PVC is available in its clear and pure form mixed with pigments for color.

4. Packing Materials

Recycled polystyrene is used in manufacturing packing cartons as well as some other products that protect goods during shipment. Styrofoam is also a polystyrene but with air bubbles puffed into the material. Styrofoam can be relatively springy or rigid depending on how it’s made. Apart from packing materials, this recycled plastic makes a superb thermal insulation and is used in various items.

5. Trash Bags

Most trash bags are also made from recycled plastic. These bags give you the reliability and convenience of standard bags but take relatively less energy to manufacture, resulting in low greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Kitchenware

Mostly, affordable kitchenware (which is available in a wide range of fun colors) is also made from recycled plastic. Plastic cutting boards, colanders, mixing bowls, and tableware are strong enough to stand up to everyday use, and food storage containers made from recycled plastic can be reused again and again.

7. Countertops

Some countertops are also made from recycled high-density polyethylene plastic. You can install these countertops in your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, or anywhere else you need an attractive, durable work surface.

8. Carpeting

Recycled plastic bottles are melted and spun into durable and soft fibers in order to make some brands of carpeting. Opportunities to recycle carpeting are rapidly increasing.

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