07 Nov 8 Products That are Made from Recycled Cardboard

8 Products That are Made from Recycled Cardboard

products-made-from-recycled-cardboardNot all manufacturers go for recycled cardboard as a preferred material when it comes to making new products. Unlike plastic and other similar products, cardboard products are not durable that have been designed to last a long time. However, there are many creative brains who do believe that cardboard is sturdy enough to make the products last just as long as you would want them to.

Following are 8 products that are made from recycled cardboard:

1. Berlin Boombox

The Berlin Boombox is an eco-friendly and modern take on an old school product. This Boombox serves as speakers for any mp3 player, including iPod and iPhone. It contains cool 80s-inspired graphics and a single volume knob. The sturdy handle and corrugated cardboard structure makes it safe for necessary shoulder-carrying.

2. Chipster iPhone Case and Wallet

The Chipster iPhone case serves its purpose both as a case and a wallet that has the capacity to hold two credit cards and a license – mainly everything that you need. Technically this case is made from chipboard as it has been handcrafted from 100% recycled chipboard, but it’s close enough to recycled cardboard, thus deserving a place on the list.

3. EDGE Clock

There is a huge collection of cardboard furniture available in the market these days, and the least expensive and the coolest of the collection is the EDGE Clock. It’s cut edges expose the innards of the clock and the product is made almost completely from recycled cardboard.

4. DIY Laptop Stand

The 3-piece DIY laptop stand made from recycled cardboard is about as simple as it gets. Instructions for making this laptop stand are available on the internet. The price is also the cheapest you could pay for this legitimate ergonomic.

5. IKEA Digital Camera

In 2012, IKEA designed the world’s cheapest digital camera named KNÄPPA. It was simple and incredibly impressive. The designer added some fun features in the camera. You could achieve image stabilization by placing it on a chair and zoom in and out by moving your arms. Made from recycled cardboard, the camera contained a circuit board, along with a USB connector. The only thing negative about the camera is that they stopped making it.

6. Giraffe Desk Lamp

There is a wide range of recycled cardboard desktop items available on the market. Most of the cardboard-made desk lamps are shaped like different animals, including the most common giraffe lamp. The design is specifically meant to bring awareness to the effect consumerism has on the environment and the animals.

7. Videre Pop-Up Pinhole Camera

Designed by Kelly Angood, the Videre pinhole camera became a huge success at the time of its launch. This amazing camera made from recycled cardboard is available on popular online stores.

8. Samsung Cardboard Printer

The Samsung Origami printer is made to produce the very item it’s made from. The printer has a cardboard exterior, which is not only incredibly cool, but also eco-friendly.

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