26 May 6 Types of Businesses that Should Use a Commercial Cardboard Baler

6 Types of Businesses that Should Use a Commercial Cardboard Baler

6-types-businesses-use-commercial-cardboard-balerCardboard balers are a great waste management tool for many types of businesses both small and large. By compacting cardboard waste into small, manageable bundles, waste disposal and recycling becomes much easier and could end up saving money over the long-term.

They also help to increase a business’s green efforts, as cardboard bales can be gathered without cross contamination, allowing for more recycling of cardboard materials.

Smaller companies can benefit from not having to invest as much in other areas of waste management (e.g. money for general waste bins, skips, etc.) while larger businesses could end up making some money by selling large quantities of cardboard to recycling companies.

Therefore, it is a great idea for many types of companies to invest in a commercial cardboard balers, including:

1. Retailers

As retailers sell large numbers of products, they tend to have a high volume of cardboard waste. This can be from products that are delivered to stores from warehouses using cardboard boxes, which is one of the most common materials for transporting goods.

Almost any retail business will therefore have cardboard waste, meaning they could certainly benefit from using a commercial baler for increased waste management efficiency.

Regardless of the products for sale, virtually every retail establishment will have cardboard boxes that need to be disposed of, which certainly makes them a business that should consider using a cardboard baler.

2. Restaurants

With fresh produce being delivered daily, most of which arrives in cardboard boxes, restaurants of any scope or size should consider a cardboard baler. While figures vary from each establishment, more than half of the kitchen waste can potentially be from cardboard, giving all the more reason to invest in a more effective form of waste management.

3. Food Catering

Like restaurants, food catering businesses deal with a lot of fresh produce being transported via cardboard containers and packages. Beyond the fresh food, there are other products moved around using cardboard, such as wine boxes and other beverages, so investing in a baler for this waste is a worthwhile idea.

4. Distribution Businesses

Companies tasked with a distribution deal with massive quantities of surplus cardboard, whether in-house or from delivered goods. As this results in a huge amount of cardboard waste, a quality commercial baler should certainly be used.

Dealing with this waste without a baler can quickly become a logistics nightmare, so it’s a great idea to use a commercial cardboard baler as a solution to any waste management issues.

5. Wholesalers

Another type of businesses that has endless amounts of cardboard waste, wholesalers can save time and money by using a commercial baler for their waste management.

Wholesalers without a baler can expect to break down or flat pack their cardboard waste, which takes away from valuable company time that could be saved when using a commercial cardboard baler.

6. Recyclers

Given their ability to allow for comprehensive recycling, cardboard balers are a necessary machine for recycling companies. Baled cardboard is easier to recycle, allowing for larger quantities of the material to be processed, so it’s a given that recycling businesses will want a quality baler.

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