08 Feb 5 Ways for Distribution Center to Greatly Reduce Waste

5 Ways for Distribution Centers to Greatly Reduce Waste

5-Ways-for-Distribution-Center-to-Greatly-Reduce-WasteDistribution centers receive huge amounts of goods packaged in plastic wrapping and cardboard. After unpacking the contents, a large quantity of waste packaging material remains. In the past, this waste material was thrown into dumpsters for regular collection. But with the increasing waste disposal costs over the last decade, there are now various effective solutions available for distribution centers to reduce waste. Modern recycling equipment helps streamline this process and increase efficiency.

Following are 5 ways for distribution centers to greatly reduce waste:

1. Twin Ram Balers

Generally used in waste transfer stations, twin ram balers are a part of a larger recycling MRF system where vast quantity of numerous waste materials including SRF,RDF, PET, plastic, and cardboard are being processed. These balers are highly useful for distribution centers as they help achieve waste reduction efficiently.  A conveyor, selector grab, or shovel feed is used to feed these balers all the waste available at distribution centers. There are different models of these balers available on the market, each and every one is made to streamline the waste reduction process and increase profitability.

2. Semi-Automatic Balers

The waste material in distribution centers include cardboard, shredded plastic, paper, plastic film, hard plastic, etc. Semi-automatic balers are a special type of balers that can help in reducing this waste. Apart from distribution centers, these machines are widely used in waste recyclers and factories. They are especially very useful in situations where the volumes of waste material are much larger and require too much labor.

3. Screw Compactors

Compactors are highly useful in compacting cardboard, paper, films/foils, PET, as well as disposable wooden packaging and disposable pallets; all the waste materials that are excessively found in distribution centers. A higher compaction performance can be achieved if you crush the material before using screw compactors.

4. Static Waste Compactors

Another useful type of compactor is a static waste compactor. These are widely used by distribution centers and companies with huge amounts of dry, low value mixed waste. Static waste compactors work by compacting the waste and disposing it into a separate compaction container, which you can replace when it becomes full.

Compactors not only greatly reduce the amount of waste, their use also results in lower costs and fewer waste collections. Hence, they make waste disposal more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

5. Cardboard Shredder

When it comes to shredding waste/empty boxes at distribution centers, there is no better way to do it than using cardboard shredders. One of the significant advantages of using a cardboard shredder is that the wasted cardboard can be easily recycled. It’s true that you can break up the cardboard boxes in bales for removal more easily, however it results in increased costs and time, as well as decreased profits. While you can’t avoid the cost of breaking down the waste boxes, you can shred it to produce a sealable or useable product.  Furthermore, you can also use shredded cardboard as packing filler for your outbound goods.

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