5 Reasons to Own Your Waste Management Equipment Versus Renting it

06 Feb 5 Reasons to Own Your Waste Management Equipment Versus Renting it

5 Reasons to Own Your Waste Management Equipment Versus Renting itYou know that your company generates recyclable waste on large scale and that landfilling it is not a feasible option for environmental, security, and possibly legal reasons. Having waste management equipment on-site makes sense. With your waste management equipment integrated, you and your staff don’t have to worrying about collecting and processing waste. Your commercial space stays clean and organized and it is easy to manage waste this way. But is buying waste management equipment a right choice? Definitely. Read on to learn why buying waste management equipment is a better option as opposed to renting it.

Here are 5 reasons to own your waste management equipment versus renting it:

1. Easier than Renting

Renting and leasing waste management equipment can be tricky. Legal requirements are always complex and tough to deal with. Purchasing and owning your equipment eliminates all these problems.

2. Variety of Choices

There are sometimes limited options available when it comes to renting a waste management equipment. This depends in the area you live in. If you are located in an area that has limited choices when it comes to the condition and type of waste management equipment you can rent, then buying is a better option. Generally, there are relatively more choices available when you buy the equipment.

3. Total Control

Buying and owning your waste management equipment seems like a logical decision if your business generates enough waste and recyclables. Buying the equipment will give you total control over how it is used and serviced. You can decide when to pay for maintenance or when to simply sell the equipment. If you choose to sell the equipment, then the money earned by reselling it will go right back into your business. Depending on your location and business, there may be other advantages of owning your waste management equipment.

4. Return on Investment

In terms of its cost, you will get the most out of your waste management equipment when you buy it. If you can manage the whole cost of the equipment at once, then it will surely be a great return on your investment. Renting the equipment means it is not yours to fully control. If you decide to upgrade, your business will not get any return on its investment because you won’t have the option to sell it.

5. Tax Deductible

Waste management equipment is tax deductible. This means by buying the equipment, you can get some of the money back on your tax bill. This could translate into your business gaining thousands of dollars back courtesy of the government.

The Bottom Line

Businesses that produce significant amount of waste have to decide whether to buy or rent the waste management equipment. While there are pros and cons of each, there are several reasons and advantages of buying and owning your waste management equipment as compared to renting it. The financial benefits of getting the equipment outweigh any associated costs and its impact is far reaching.

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