17 Jun 5 Different Types of Baling Wire and How They Are Used

5 Different Types of Baling Wire and How They Are Used

5-different-types-of-baling-wire-and-how-they-are-usedIn the recycling industry, you need a high quality, reliable baling wire. From binding paper, cardboard, to bales and other recyclables, it is crucial that your baling wire can withstand the elements and keep the items safe during transport and beyond. Baling wire is also essential for any facility that uses vertical or horizontal balers. It helps keep the machines running smoothly. Choosing the right type of baling wire is important.

Following are 5 different types of baling wires and how they are used:

1. Single Loop Wire

Single loop baling wire is manufactured from the black annealed wire as well as galvanized wire using a medium carbon steel. The steel is melted at the factory/mill. You need to tie this type of baling wire by hand. It is usually used in vertical balers. Single loop wire allows for a great amount of flexibility because it can be cut according to requirements. This ensures that there is no wastage of wire.

2. Double-Loop Wire

Double-loop baling wire comes in pre-cut lengths. It’s both ends are bent with a loop. You can snap the loops together without any twisting, which is usually required by a single loop wire. Since there is no bending required, you can tie off the bale pretty quickly. A double-loop baling wire is an ideal choice for bales or materials as well as high production applications that have a high degree of expansion force. Since they are easy to use, double-loop wires are quite popular in the recycling industry.

3. Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Baling Wire is a relatively softened wire as compared to most other types. It can be used with any baling machine for all kinds of materials to be baled. Black Annealed Wire comes in different gauges and is packaged on tubular steel carriers. You can stack the carriers in order to save space in storage. Black Annealed Wire is coated with oil to make sure it moves through the baler easily, without any friction. It also ensures that the wire doesn’t wear down or rust over time.

4. Boxed Wire

Boxed wire is made from specialized Black Annealed Wire. You can use this type of baling wire on all kinds of single ram auto-tie balers. It is usually packed in 100-pound boxes. 50-pound boxes are also available. Boxed wire is lightly oiled to lubricate feed system and also to prevent rust.

5. High Tensile Wire

A high tensile baling wire can be used to bale a wide range of recycled products that require a strong wire to hold the bundles together for transport. A high tensile wire is often used for two ram balers that utilize strapper style tiers. It comes in different gauges and is packaged in tubular steel carriers.

There are many other types of baling wires available on the market such as soft coils, cut wire, etc. It is recommended that you ask your local dealer for information on the different types of wires in order to figure out which one is ideal for you.

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