18 Aug 4 Ways The Recycling Industry Has Advanced Over The Years

4 Ways The Recycling Industry Has Advanced Over The Years

4-ways-the-recycling-industry-has-advanced-over-the-yearsRecycling has come a long way in recent decades. With businesses, governments, and the average individual becoming more environmentally conscious, there has been some incredible strides taken that have made recycling a normal practice for most.

As a result, those working within the recycling industry have seen a fair amount of advancements in both technology and practices, allowing recycling to become even more efficient. In fact, the recycling industry is currently thriving like never before!

Here are 4 ways the recycling industry has advanced over the years:

1. Increased services

As the demand for recycling services has increased in recent years, the industry has grown in size to accommodate this. More and more businesses are being established to cover the variety of recycling services needed throughout the country, making it easier for certain businesses to meet their recycling goals.

Many of these companies are now offering diverse recycling services beyond collections. For instance, many offer environmental reporting so that businesses can easily measure the rates and volume of their recycling.

2. New technology

One problem facing larger businesses that require high volumes of recycling (such as packing waste) was a lack of options when it comes to equipment and procedures. This has now changed quite significantly thanks to advancements in technology that allow for more diverse, cost-effective equipment.

As a business now has so much more choice when it comes to their recycling options, many are able to efficiently recycle to such an extent that they are selling their waste for profits. This was unheard of in the past, where companies would give their waste away for free – or even pay to have it removed!

3. Innovative procedures

Much like there have been big advancements in technology, recycling procedures have advanced significantly in recent years. This allows for better, more efficient recycling like never before, making it easier for people and businesses to do their part.

For example, single-stream recycling makes it much easier to recycle goods without the need for sorting through everything. It’s helped increase the rates of recycling while saving customers time and effort needed to sort themselves – the recycling companies can now do this with greater ease.

4. More jobs

As recycling services and technology becomes more diversified, it’s allowed for a wider range of materials to be recycled – and a lot of it is very profitable. With more items available for recycling, more people are being employed in the industry to help manage the advancements.

This isn’t just a case of more employees working at the various recycling facilities throughout the country (although that is certainly happening), but at companies that require onsite management of their recycling processes and procedures.

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