4 Ways to Prevent Dumpster Diving at Your Facility

09 Dec 4 Ways to Prevent Dumpster Diving at Your Facility

4 Ways to Prevent Dumpster Diving at Your FacilityDumpster diving refers to the act of trying and salvaging items that may have been tossed out by someone. Although dumpster diving may not be illegal, people may trespass your business property for this purpose, which is definitely illegal. Not to mention the trash may contain sensitive business data which you don’t want to be revealed to the public. Because of these reasons, it is highly recommended that you take some steps to prevent dumpster diving at your facility.

Here are 4 ways to prevent dumpster diving at your facility:

1. Cameras and Motion Lights

Most dumpster divers try to access the dumpsters in the dark because it is easier, and they feel like that they can get away with it without getting caught. One of the best ways to deter these individuals is to put them in the spotlight. To do this, you can add some surveillance to the area. Install motion lights with cameras for the best results. If a motion is detected around your facility’s dumpster, the lights will turn on and the cameras will start recording the footage. The presence of the video cameras alone will deter dumpster divers from trespassing your facility as they don’t want to be seen on surveillance footage.

2. Dumpster Door Sensors

Locking dumpster doors is a basic way to prevent dumpster divers from salvaging items from it. However, some determined divers might try to find their way inside your facility’s dumpster even if its doors are locked. For this, it is recommended that you install dumpster door sensors to add extra protection. These sensors will detect when someone tries to force open the dumpster door. When it happens, an alarm will blare alerting you that someone is trying to enter the dumpster. You can install these sensors on the top door flaps and the side entry doors of dumpsters.

3. Audible Alarms

Dumpster diving is a noisy activity. So, one of the best ways to prevent it is to install an audible alarm. The alarm will detect the sounds when the noise from dumpster diving is detected and alert your security company as well as the proper authorities. Glass break detector is one of the most popular types of audible alarms. While it is commonly used on windows, you can simply place it inside your dumpster openings and it will detect noises like objects being moved around, glass shattering, etc. The loud audible noise from the alarm alone will deter dumpster divers on your facility.

4. Remote Viewing and Alerts

No one wants their business to have signs of trespassing and a messy dumpster area. You can set up remote viewing and alerts for your facility’s dumpster area with the help of your security company and prevent these workday surprises. For instance, if the motion camera is activated in your dumpster area, you will receive an alert through an app-enabled device. Since the cameras are connected to an IP system, you will be able to stream the footage live and see exactly what’s going on in your dumpster area and contact the authorities.

These are some of the ways to prevent dumpster diving at your facility. Contact your security alarm company to learn more details on different services and how to install them in your facility’s dumpster areas.

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