3 Ways to Determine What Size Trash Compactor Your Business Needs

07 Apr 3 Ways to Determine What Size Trash Compactor Your Business Needs

3 Ways to Determine What Size Trash Compactor Your Business NeedsWhen looking for the right type of waste and recycling equipment, it’s not uncommon for business owners to find themselves in a difficult decision. After all, equipment such as trash compactors requires a substantial investment. Not to mention the variety of sizes and options available on the market make it quite difficult to determine which solution is the right one. Buying the right size trash compactor can help a company increase its efficiency and cut costs.
The following are 3 ways to determine what size trash compactor your business needs:

1. The Size of Your Waste Output
One of the first things you should think about when looking to invest in a trash compactor is the size of the waste material that requires to be processed. The volume of waste that your company generates is the key to determining the size of the trash compactor that you need. Every business produces different volumes of waste and each one has different waste processing requirements. So, you should assess how much the trash compactor will be tasked with processing before making a decision. Trash compactors come in a wide variety of sizes and their prices vary significantly depending on this single factor. The price of the compactor also coincides with the volume as well as the complexity of waste material the unit can handle.

Before investing, it is recommended that you be sure about the amount of waste material that your company processes and recycles every week and then choose the size of the compactor accordingly. It wouldn’t make sense to overpay for a large size trash compactor that your business doesn’t need. Similarly, settling for a small unit can result in reduced efficiency and overtaxing of the compactor.

2. Availability of Space in Your Workplace
The available space on your commercial property’s premises will also determine the size of the trash compactor that you should purchase. Trash compactors come in two basic models i.e. vertical and horizontal. If space is a concern, then you will have to purchase vertical compactor as these take up less floor space. On the other hand, if space is not a problem, then you might want to consider horizontal compactor.

3. Availability of Resources to Buy the Compactor
Your budget will ultimately play a major role in determining the size of trash compactor that you plan on purchasing for your waste processing and recycling needs. When you are about to purchase a trash compactor of a specific size, it is recommended that you consider the benefits of buying it and how much money it will save your business.

Final Word
Just like any other equipment, purchasing a trash compactor for your company requires several considerations in determining the right size of the compactor. There are wide variety of options available when it comes to the size of commercial trash compactors. Whether it is an indoor compactor or an outdoor one, the time spent determining the right size of the unit will be time well spent, with great rewards if done properly.

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