top cities for recycling in california

14 Oct The 5 Cities in California That Do the Most Recycling

The 5 Cities in California That Do the Most Recycling

top cities for recycling in californiaOver the years, California has led the way in recycling, conservation, and environmental efforts for the United States. A high level of environmental awareness has helped California forge ecological strategies that are highly valued and used around the world.

There are 5 certain cities in California that spend a lot of time recycling in order to improve the environment. These cities include the following:

1. San Francisco

San Francisco is rated highest for having the highest recycling programs, using solar energy, and for demonstrating a huge scale of composting. Nowadays, San Francisco leads the country with green cars, eco activism, and various green initiatives. Throughout the years, San Francisco has become more serious about how things that its residents don’t use any longer should be recycled.

2. Los Angeles

According to the University of California and the Bureau of Sanitation, Los Angeles has diverted over three-quarters of its waste from landfills since 2012. And the rate is climbing on a regular basis. For one thing, Los Angeles began phasing in its plastic bag ban at the start of the year, with even not reusable paper bags subject to a ten cent charge. For another, the city has set a waste reduction goal of 90 percent by 2025, with an ultimate goal of Zero Waste.

3. San Jose

As compared to San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Jose has long been a bit of a recycling failure, with no actual reputation as an environment awareness center. However, for the better part of the last decade, San Jose has had trash reduction rates above 60 percent. One of the prominent programs San Jose aims to implement on its way to achieving its Zero Waste goal (which is set for 2022) is a ‘Clean Recyclables Cart’ campaign to reduce recyclables’ pollution.

4. San Diego

Among San Diego’s most pioneering initiatives is a huge waste-composting program aimed for the city’s famous composting facility called ‘Miramar Greenery’ which is situated at Miramar Landfill. The aerated static loads pump air into long composting windrows in order to break the material down without requiring anyone to turn the compost. That saves expense and energy, and other related systems can break wastes down into earth amendments within a month. San Diego intends to use the facility to process tons of green waste and food waste every year.

5. Fresno

When it comes to recycling, go green act comes to our minds. However, Fresno uses a different color in its recycling programs: the blue color. Blue colors can be easily seen in Fresno’s convention centers and airport. The change in color happened when the California Department of Conservation supported the recycling programs of the city. You can recycle things such as empty beverage containers inside the blue carts situated at different places in the city.

It’s amazing how increasing numbers of people are becoming environmentally aware and are taking an interest in recycling. This is good for our environment because it helps in reducing pollution, which ultimately helps clean the air we breathe.

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