Marathon Cart Dumpers WP
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• For Plastic and Steel Containers from 90–96 Gallons to 4.0 Cubic Yards
• Reliable Performance in Commercial and Industrial Applications
• Heavy-Duty Models Available


Marathon’s Cart Dumpers can extend the benefits of compaction to all areas of your operation while minimizing equipment investments.

Marathon’s standard Cart Dumpers are designed to handle 2- and 4-cubic-yard “trainable” steel containers or 1-cubic-yard plastic tilt carts.

Marathon’s Cart Dumpers come in a variety of models to fit any application:

Ground-Level Dumpers
Ground Level Dumpers are used to dump containers at ground level into your stationary or self-contained compactor. They are ideal for park systems, shopping malls, and large or multi-building plants.

Dock-Level Dumpers
Dock Level Dumpers are used to dump containers that are rolled directly onto a stationary compactor from self-contained units next to a dock. They are ideal for industrial plants where waste accumulates in many locations. Standard units are powered by a separate 3-hp, 3-gpm power pack with on/off controls and a sustained manual pressure control. Heavy- duty units are powered by a 10-hp, 10-gpm power pack with electric controls. This enables the operator to effectively manage any stage of dumping.

Tilt-Cart Dumpers
Tilt Cart Dumpers handle molded plastic tilt trucks. They are designed to hold the tilt truck during dumping without the need for mechanical locks.

Fork-Style Dumpers
Marathon’s Cart Dumpers are available in standard or heavy- duty models. Heavy-duty cart dumpers are designed to handle gross loads up to 5,000 pounds.

In-Plant Trainable Containers
Marathon offers 2- and 4-cubic-yard capacity cart/ containers ruggedly designed for in-plant use. Using a towing vehicle to “train” the carts from various locations throughout a facility to the dumper locations reduces labor to a fraction of that required to perform the same job manually. They come standard with 1,000-lb. capacity polyurethane-tired casters. In-Plant Trainable Container options include:1,600-lb. capacity polyurethane-tired casters; sleeves for interchangeable use with front loaders; tow bars for “trainable” containers (trains can be towed by forklift or similar unit).

Custom-Engineered Dumpers
For applications with pre-existing or non-standard carts/containers, Marathon can design a custom dumper to meet your specifications and conform to applicable ANSI safety standards.

Other Marathon Dumpers
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Cart Tipper for Stationary, Self-Contained, and Pak’ntainers Compactors to dump 90- and 96-gallon containers.