Sani-Tech ST4060/40 Auger Trash Compactor
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The ST4060/40 features an impressive hopper capacity of 10 cubic yards, enabling it to handle large volumes of waste with ease. Its tapered auger, ranging from 60" to 36" in diameter, ensures efficient and effective compaction, optimizing space utilization. With an auger RPM of 7.5 and a robust 40 HP motor, this compactor delivers exceptional power and performance, reducing material size effectively.

With a displacement rate of 600 cubic yards per hour, the ST4060/40 guarantees rapid and efficient waste processing. It operates on either 240V or 480V electrical power in 3-phase configuration, providing versatile options to suit different environments. The electro-mechanical drive system ensures reliable operation, while the UL-listed 110V control panel offers convenient and safe control over the compactor's functions.

Weighing 7400 lbs. and boasting an impressive auger torque of 780,000 in. lbs., the ST4060/40 combines strength and durability. It is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and provide long-lasting performance. Upgrade your waste management system with the ST4060/40 Auger Compactor from Sani-Tech and experience unparalleled efficiency, speed, and reliability.


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