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ST1546/36 & ST1546/36IN


Unlike conventional ram style hydraulic compactors, the ST1546/36's and ST1546/36IN’s auger runs continuously in a forward direction, relentlessly crushing and reducing the size of the fed material. The result? Unmatched compaction speeds that are up to five times faster, saving you valuable time and resources. Equipped with a tapered auger, ranging from 46" to 36" in diameter, the ST1546/36 and ST1546/36IN ensures efficient and effective compaction. With an impressive auger RPM of 9 and a robust 15 HP motor, these compactors deliver outstanding performance. It boasts a generous hopper capacity of 4.8 cubic yards, accommodating large quantities of waste.

Designed for convenience and flexibility, the ST1546/36 and ST1546/36IN operate on 240V or 480V electrical power in 3-phase configuration, providing ample power to tackle demanding compaction tasks. The electro-mechanical drive system ensures reliable operation, while the UL-listed 110V control panel offers easy and safe control of the compactor's functions. Weighing 5000 lbs. and with an auger torque of 270,000 in. lbs., the ST1546/36 and ST1546/36IN combine power and durability. Their exceptional displacement rate of 314 cubic yards per hour maximizes efficiency and keeps your operations running smoothly.


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