Sani-Tech ST1040/30 Auger Trash Compactor
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Sani-Tech’s ST1040/30 auger compactor pre-crushes and compacts materials in a single motion, providing exceptional speed and performance. Operating with a tapered 40" to 30" auger, the ST1040/30 runs continuously in a forward direction, effectively crushing and reducing the size of the fed material. This advanced mechanism enables it to compact up to five times faster compared to traditional hydraulic compactors, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

The ST1040/30 auger compactor offers versatile electrical options, including 240V and 480V with 3-phase compatibility. It requires 30A or 15A, depending on the voltage, ensuring optimal power usage. With its reliable electro-mechanical drive system, the ST1040/30 delivers consistent performance. The control panel is UL listed and operates at 110 volts, prioritizing safety and ease of use.

Despite its robust capabilities, this compactor remains portable and manageable, weighing 4500 lbs. The auger torque reaches an impressive 204,000 in. lbs., guaranteeing efficient and effective compaction.


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