Sani-Tech SC1040/30 Auger Trash Compactor
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With a generous hopper capacity of 4.3 cubic yards, the SC1040/30 is a powerful and efficient waste management system designed to streamline your operations. Its advanced features and top-notch specifications make it the ideal choice for tackling waste disposal challenges with ease. The SC1040/30 boasts a tapered auger diameter, ranging from 40 inches to 30 inches, ensuring optimal waste processing efficiency. The auger operates at a reliable 10 RPM, providing consistent and precise performance. Powered by a robust 10 HP motor, this machine effortlessly handles even the toughest waste materials.

Thanks to its impressive displacement rate of 270 cubic yards per hour, the SC1040/30 delivers exceptional productivity. The electrical system of the SC1040/30 is designed to meet your specific power requirements. It operates on either 240V or 480V, and with 3-phase capabilities, it guarantees stable and reliable performance. The amperage options of 30A and 15A offer flexibility for various power setups.

Equipped with an electro-mechanical drive, the SC1040/30 ensures smooth and consistent operation. You can rely on this robust and durable system to handle demanding waste management tasks effortlessly. The control panel of the SC1040/30 is UL listed and operates on 110 volts, providing user-friendly and intuitive controls for easy operation and monitoring.

With a weight specified in the dimensions table below, the SC1040/30 is designed for easy transport and maneuverability, making it a versatile solution for waste management on various job sites. When it comes to auger torque, the SC1040/30 delivers an impressive 204,000 in-lbs, ensuring powerful and efficient waste processing.


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