Orwak Power 3325 Vertical Baler
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Power 3325


The Orwak Power 3325 is part of the dynamic Orwak Power baler family, utilizing the innovative hydraulic concept known as Black Star Technology. With enhanced strength, speed, and intelligence, this baler provides excellent value for money. It is particularly well-suited for the compaction of soft plastic and is a great choice for both cardboard and plastic recycling.

When it comes to paper, the Orwak Power 3325 can handle cardboard and shredded paper with ease. For plastic, it excels at compressing shrink film and plastic bags.

Orwak Power balers bring a number of benefits to your waste management process. They help you make more productive use of your time, reducing the amount of time spent on waste handling and freeing up more time for your core activities. Our balers also rapidly minimize the space taken up by waste, keeping your aisles free and tidy.

Moreover, by compacting waste, you can reduce waste volume and the number of transports required, thereby cutting transportation costs and reducing CO2 emissions. Sorting waste at the source also results in higher-quality recyclable materials.


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