01 Dec Most Cardboard Recycling Comes from These 3 Types of Places

Most Cardboard Recycling Comes from These 3 Types of Places

most-cardboard-recycling-comes-from-these-3-types-of-placesCardboard is one of the most commonly recycled materials in the world. It is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and also one of the few materials that can often be reused in its current state. But recycling it is very important mainly because it is heavily used. Different kinds of organizations, businesses, stores, as well as homes recycle cardboard on a regular basis. However, there are places where it is recycled more than others.

Following are 3 types of places that heavily contribute to cardboard recycling:

1. Offices

Offices are one of the top places that contribute heavily to cardboard recycling. This is because when a business fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, it gains an edge over its competitors. That’s why most businesses are beginning to take action to protect the planet. According to statistics, most recycling centers collect and receive most of the cardboard for recycling from offices.

Offices usually collect and recycle cardboard in two steps. In the first step, they collect cardboard boxes from various departments within the company and then store it at a convenient location such as a warehouse. Warehouses are an ideal place for this as they can collect and store huge amounts of cardboard and then transport them to the recycling center on a scheduled basis (the second step).

2. Homes

Homes are also one of the biggest contributors to cardboard recycling. Homeowners usually take advantage of local recycling companies to do this. There are also designated cardboard collection points in most neighborhoods that people make use of. Recycling companies and recycling centers use points such as trash bins, scrap yards, as well as other outlets to collect the cardboard and transfer it to their facilities for recycling. Some companies also haul the collected cardboard to paper mills.

The main problem with this recycling is that most homeowners and individuals throw certain types of cardboard in cardboard collection points that are not acceptable, for example cardboards that are used for food packaging, coated, or waxed, etc. require a specialized recycling process so many recycling centers don’t accept them. It is recommended to contact your local cardboard recycling center to confirm which types are acceptable.

3. Retail/Grocery Stores

The third biggest contributor when it comes to cardboard recycling are retail/grocery stores. Most stores hire the services of their local recycling companies and have them collect vast amounts of cardboard boxes from their stores. Most recycling companies offer cardboard waste management services on a weekly or monthly basis, so it is convenient for retail stores to recycle cardboard. Some store owners drop the cardboard at their local cardboard collection points, however it sometimes presents the same issues as mentioned above. Cardboard boxes vary in the type of material as well as the size and not all recycling centers can process multiple varieties at the same center. Therefore, if you are a store owner and want to recycle cardboard then it is recommended that you contact your local recycling center about which types of boxes are acceptable.

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