Maren Top Feed Shredder
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Top Feed Shredder


Maren's Top Feed Shredder is a great solution for safe, high-volume shredding and material destruction. With Maren's flexible design and heavy-duty construction, the Top Feed Shredder provides efficient use of space and dependable operation.

Shredding before baling promotes compact bales, saving space and handling costs. The Top Feed Shredder also provides insurance against sensitive materials re-entering the market. Capable of shredding up to 3,000 lbs. of material per hour, the shredder is adaptable to pneumatic conveying systems and Maren's automatic balers.

As material is fed into the shredder, it drops into the rotating blades which shred it into small irregular-shaped pieces. The shredded material is then automatically discharged into a pneumatic conveying system or directly into an automatic baler. Choose Maren's Top Feed Shredder for efficient and reliable waste management.


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