Maren ProPAK A225 Auto-Tie Baler
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ProPAK A225


Maren Balers have been the industry standard for the box, printing, and process industries for a long time. The Maren ProPAK-A SERIES takes this standard to an even higher level, with balers specifically designed for the demanding duty cycle required in the corrugated box, folding carton, printing, converting, envelope, and tissue industries. If you run a high-volume operation and worry about bale weight, uptime, durability, safety, serviceability, and cleanliness, take a good look at the Maren ProPAK A225.

The ProPAK A225 offers multiple horsepower options and several hopper sizes to choose from, making them capable of fulfilling virtually any production requirement. You can choose between a feed opening width of 33.5" or 39.5" and a feed opening length of 48" or 64", with a feed opening depth of 42". The main cylinder has a diameter of 8", and the operating pressure is 4500 PSI. The ram force is 226,195 Lbs, and the baling force ranges from 128 PSI to 150 PSI, depending on the width of the bale. The Maren ProPAK A225 offers twin 40's or twin 50's for horsepower options, and a no-load cycle time of 6.6 to 7.6 seconds, with a no-load displacement of up to 30,315 cf/hr. The bale size is 36" x 42" x variable or 42" x 42" x variable, with a typical bale density of OCC – 32#/cf.


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