Maren ProPAK 60 Closed Door Manual Tie Baler
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ProPAK 60 Full Eject Baler


Maren's ProPAK60 Full Eject Balers with Smart Bale Technology are designed to take the guesswork out of your baling operation. The baler features a color touch screen that alerts the operator when it is time to tie off the bale and guides them through the bale completion, tie, and eject steps. The touch screen also provides information on the number of bale ties to use and the proper position for the ties. Each material recipe has unique bale tie count and placement parameters that only need to be put in once, making it the smartest of its class.

With Full Eject, the chamber is cleared after each bale is made, allowing for easy switching to another material without the need for shutdowns or cleaning out unwanted contaminated bales from the previous material.

The Maren ProPAK60 Full Eject Baler boasts the largest hopper opening, highest ram face pressure, and most durable design of its class, making it a reliable and efficient option for your baling needs. The exclusive Smart Bale Technology sets it apart from other balers on the market, ensuring maximum productivity and ease of use.


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