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Cart Dumpers


Marathon's Trash Compactor Waste Cart Dumpers provide an efficient way to compact waste across your entire operation, without the need for excessive investment in equipment. Our Standard Trash Compactor Cart Dumpers are specifically designed to handle steel refuse containers of two, three, or four cubic yards, which can be "trained" together for optimal efficiency. Additionally, our dumpers can handle a wide range of plastic-tilt trash carts in various sizes.


Marathon's Dock-Level Dumpers provide a convenient solution for dumping containers either onto a stationary compactor or next to a dock, using self-contained units. These dumpers are especially suitable for industrial plants where waste accumulates in various locations. Our Standard units are powered by a separate 3-horsepower, 3-gallons-per-minute power pack with easy-to-use on/off controls and sustained manual pressure control. For heavy-duty tasks, our units are equipped with a powerful 10-horsepower, 10-gallons-per-minute power pack, offering the same user-friendly controls as our Standard Units. With these features, operators can effectively manage any stage of the dumping process.

Marathon Dock-Level Dumpers


Marathon's Tilt-Cart Dumpers are the perfect solution for handling a variety of containers, including molded plastic tilt-trucks, steel carts, and Gaylord boxes. Our dumpers are designed to securely hold the tilt-truck during the dumping process without requiring any mechanical locks.


Marathon's Ground-Level Dumpers offer a practical solution for dumping containers at ground level, directly into your stationary or self-contained compactor. These dumpers are ideal for a range of settings, including park systems, shopping malls, and large or multi-building plants.

Marathon Ground-Level Dumpers
Marathon Fork-Style Dumper


Marathon's Fork-Style Dumpers are specially designed to handle carts and containers that come equipped with integrated fork pockets, providing a convenient solution for dumping.

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