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Trash Commander TANK Series


Offered in two sizes, Marathon Trash Commander TANK's diminutive form is a perfect fit for dock applications. Its design allows it to use up to 35% less space than similar capacity competitors, yet its dual crossed-cylinder setup ensures it compacts trash with a force comparable to larger machines. These models are also available with 10 hp or 15 hp power units to suit your specific needs.

The TC-300T is the newest star in the Trash Commander TANK series. This small, but mighty, stationary compactor boasts the latest in waste compaction technology with its crossed-cylinder design. Despite its compact 9' 4 1/2" long body, it contains a three cubic-yard capacity compaction chamber, making it an ideal solution for space-constrained locations such as retail outlets, large restaurants, and shopping centers. Its ample clear-top opening allows for the disposal of sizable items, increasing its throughput capacity.

When equipped with our standard four-sided, rear-feed hopper, the TC-300T TANK eliminates the need for specific walk-on tops or guardrails in many scenarios, further simplifying its installation and use. It's a three-yard compactor that fits into the space of a conventional two-yard unit, a testament to its compact design. A side-by-side comparison of the TC-300T TANK and a standard Marathon 3 cubic-yd. compactor highlights the TANK's smaller size. Despite this, it retains a clear-top opening as large as the more extensive RJ-325. The comparison also showcases that when the TANK compactor is outfitted with our standard rear-feed hopper, it often obviates the need for tread plates or guardrails. It's a testament to the design philosophy of the TANK series: performance isn't always a matter of size.

The TC-220T, another compact powerhouse in the TANK series, was designed based on user feedback. It performs exceptionally well in environments where space is at a premium but high compaction performance is still required.


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