Marathon Side-Eject Manual-Tie Recycling Baler
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Side-Eject Manual-Tie


Marathon's patented Side-Eject Horizontal Recycling Balers have been designed to enhance productivity with a range of features that are not found in conventional closed-end balers. These balers allow recyclables to be switched without any contamination, thus maximizing the value of the end-product. Additionally, they help reduce spillage between bales, which in turn reduces the need to "double handle" materials. The Side-Eject Horizontal Recycling Balers come equipped with automatic bale ejection systems, which helps to remove finished bales quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the front bale tie-off system of these balers saves valuable floor space and eliminates the need for trips behind the baler.

Overall, Marathon's Side-Eject Horizontal Recycling Balers are an excellent choice for any facility looking to improve their recycling process and maximize productivity. These balers are equipped with numerous features that not only enhance productivity but also reduce contamination and spillage, ultimately resulting in a more efficient recycling process.


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