Marathon RJ-325 Stationary Trash Compactor
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RJ-325 & RJ-325HD

The Marathon RamJet RJ-325 series stationary trash compactors are reliable workhorses designed for heavy commercial and industrial applications. With exceptional capability and top-notch performance, it delivers outstanding results. What sets the RJ-325 apart from other compactors in its class is its unique features, including a spacious 60" wide by 67 1/2" clear-top opening and a 33" deep charge box. These attributes prove invaluable during peak loading times or when compacting bulky items.

Marathon brand components are carefully selected for longevity and minimal maintenance, with a focus on high-duty-cycle performance. The compactor undergoes stress engineering to ensure optimal structural integrity. Only the finest materials are used, and strict quality standards are observed throughout the manufacturing process.


With exceptional capability, Marathon’s RJ-325 delivers top performance. What sets the RJ-325 apart from its counterparts is its unique design, featuring a spacious 60″ wide by 67 1/2″ clear-top opening and a 33″ deep charge box. This feature proves invaluable during peak loading times or when compacting bulky items.

Built for durability, the RJ-325 undergoes stress engineering to reinforce its strength where it matters most. The 1/2″ charge box floor is fortified with seven heavy-duty steel channels, while the 1/2″ steel plate ram face is supported by 10″ structural channels. Additionally, the sides are extra rugged and reinforced, ensuring robustness and longevity.

Marathon RJ-325 Stationary Trash Compactor


Marathon’s RJ-325HD is a powerhouse designed to handle large volumes of industrial refuse and trash. With its spacious 59 1/2″ wide by 67 1/2″ long clear-top opening and exceptional strength, it is ideal for compacting challenging items like crates and skids. Experience waste reduction to a fraction of its original bulk.

Engineered for heavy-duty industrial use, the Marathon RJ-325HD is built to withstand demanding conditions. It features additional steel components, including cylinder supports, a 1″ thick breaker bar, a 3/8″ ram top, and extra side supports for superior endurance. The compactor also includes standard 1/4″ thick steel charge box liners and a 1/2″ thick abrasion-resistant steel plate on the charge box floor.

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