Marathon RJ-250WD Self-Contained Trash Compactor
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The Marathon RamJet RJ-250WD Self-Contained Trash Compactor comes with a built-in cart dumper/lifter, making it a perfect solution for managing over 100 cubic yards of wet or general waste materials weekly. Every model is equipped with a packer head, combined with a cart dumping/lifting mechanism, permanently affixed to the compactor container.

As an epitome of roll-off self-contained compactors, the RJ-250WD units boast spacious feed openings and increased container storage capacity. Engineered to prioritize worker safety, they also proficiently store and transport waste, prevent public area contamination as per health department guidelines, enhance employee working conditions, and cut down hauling expenses.

The RJ-250WD trash compactor, featuring a built-in cart dumper/lifter, can be tailored with various loading arrangements and options to meet your specific waste management needs. Choose the RJ-250WD for a comprehensive, customizable waste solution.


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