Marathon RJ-225 Stationary Trash Compactor
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RJ-225, 225HD, & 225 Ultra

The RJ-225 Series by Marathon is a true symbol of excellence, designed with precision for commercial and medium-industrial applications. These compactors effortlessly conquer the toughest trash compaction challenges with finesse. With an impressive compaction force ranging from 52,000 lbs. to an astonishing 67,000 lbs. (depending on the model), the RJ-225 Series outshines its competitors. Experience the raw power of these compaction titans as mountains of waste are reduced to mere fragments.

Equipped with the innovative Tricon Fullness Assurance system, the RJ-225 Series achieves unmatched compaction efficiency. Say goodbye to cumbersome limit switches—TRICON streamlines operations by eliminating all but one switch, leading to exceptional compaction ratios. By optimizing the ram's interaction with the trash, the system minimizes "memory" and springback, delivering superior compaction performance. No matter the weather, the RJ-225 Series thrives, excelling in cold conditions and extending the compactor's lifespan.

The RJ-225 Series offers a range of customizable options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require the sheer power of the RJ-225HD with its mind-boggling 67,000 lbs. of compaction force, the impressive 55,000 lbs. of the RJ-225, or the robust 52,000 lbs. of the RJ-225 Ultra, there's a model perfectly suited to meet your requirements. Featuring thicker steel in critical structural areas, such as the charge-box floor, ram face, ram top, and sides, the RJ-225 Series ensures durability and reliability even in demanding conditions. Service and maintenance are made easy with the side-mounted power unit, which includes a quick-release motor mount for effortless access. Additionally, a removable weather cover on the power unit adds convenience, ensuring smooth and efficient servicing processes.


Designed to deliver consistent and dependable performance in both commercial and medium-industrial environments, the RJ-225 effortlessly minimizes solid-waste material, reducing it to a fraction of its initial size. With its competitive pricing, the RJ-225 stands out as the ultimate choice for those seeking superior compaction capabilities. Its impressive features include a rapid 56-second cycle time and an incredible maximum compaction force of 55,100 lbs. Experience efficiency like never before with the RJ-225, the perfect solution for your compaction needs.

Marathon RJ-225 Stationary Trash Compactor
Marathon RJ-225HD Stationary Trash Compactor


The RJ-225HD is purpose-built to handle tough waste disposal applications, thanks to its heavy-duty features. The charge-box floor, constructed with 1/2" steel plate, is firmly supported by four 4" steel channels, while the 1/2" ram faceplate is reinforced with 10" channels and incorporates T-1 steel. With eight heavy-duty formed cross members and reinforced charge-box sides, the RJ-225HD thrives even in high-stress areas.

Designed with industrial applications in mind, the RJ-225HD excels at handling the disposal of skids, cartons, and recycling materials like OCC (old corrugated cardboard), paper, and more. All electrical components, including the control box assembly, are UL and CUL listed, ensuring reliable performance and adherence to safety standards. The charge-box, measuring 40 1/2" x 60", boasts a depth of 33 5/16", facilitating fast and effortless disposal.


The RJ-225 Ultra was designed with cost-conscious waste generators in mind. The Marathon RJ-225 Ultra stationary compactor delivers exceptional performance while providing numerous cost-saving benefits. Equipped with a side-mounted power unit, the RJ-225 Ultra eliminates the need for electrical components within the compactor. This innovative configuration ensures convenience and simplifies maintenance. With an easily accessible reset button for the motor starter, operators can reset the motor without having to access the control box. Additionally, the external limit switch reduces maintenance costs, further enhancing the compactor's overall efficiency.

The RJ-225 Ultra operates fully automatically, offering ultimate convenience. Operators can effortlessly dispose of waste by simply dumping it into the generous 40 1/2" x 60" charge-box opening and turning the key. Once the compaction cycle is complete, the unit automatically shuts down. With key operation, operators have absolute control over the compactor's functionality. The packing ram of the RJ-225 Ultra is supported by intelligently designed cast-iron shoes that glide smoothly on replaceable wear strips. This exclusive design protects the charge-box floor from the full force of the packing ram, prolonging the ram's lifespan and significantly reducing friction that hinders compaction efficiency.

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