Marathon RJ-450 HD Pre-Crusher Trash Compactor
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Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Marathon’s Pre-Crushers boast an unparalleled packing ram that effortlessly navigates through the charge box with an exceptional level of force. This relentless force ensures that every item in its path is unequivocally crushed against the Pre-Crusher's sturdy vertical steel wall. As if that weren't impressive enough, the wall is then elevated, allowing the ram to fully extend and expertly compact the refuse into the attached container. The end result? Uniform compaction achieved throughout the receiver container, eliminating any wasted space.

Each stroke of a trash compaction pre-crusher is not merely a stroke; it's a crushing compaction stroke! With every motion, our Pre-Crusher guarantees that your waste is relentlessly crushed and compacted, leaving you with fewer trips to the dreaded landfill. With Marathon’s Trash Compactor Pre-Crushers, you can achieve up to a staggering 30% increase in compaction results compared to standard trash compactors. Yes, you read that right – a remarkable 30% greater compaction efficiency awaits you.


The RJ-450 HD/PC/High-Volume Pre-Crushers are fully automatic. After pressing the “Start” button, the compaction ram crushes the material against the heavy steel wall in the charge chamber. The steel wall then automatically lifts and the crushed material is re-compacted into the receiver container. The Pre-Crusher then resets itself to await the next load.

Marathon’s RJ-450 HD/PC/High-Volume Pre-Crushers is designed to operate at the pinnacle of efficiency. These Pre-Crushers are fully automatic, simplifying your waste management process like never before. With precision and finesse, every item is transformed into a compacted state, optimizing the use of available space within your waste management system.

Marathon’s Heavy-Duty Pre-Crusher ingenuity continues to astound as the steel wall automatically lifts, allowing the crushed material to be re-compacted into the waiting receiver container. The RJ-450 HD/PC Heavy-Duty Pre-Crusher possesses an innate instinct for readiness. Once it has completed its task, it seamlessly resets itself, poised and ready to tackle the next load.

Marathon RJ-450 HD Pre-Crusher Trash Compactor
Marathon 575 HD Pre-Crusher Trash Compactor


Marathon’s RJ-575 HD/PC Heavy-Duty Pre-Crusher is designed to streamline your waste management process with its fully automated functionality. With just a simple press of the "Start" button, the compaction ram springs into action, efficiently crushing the material against a robust steel wall within the charge chamber.

Once the material is crushed, the steel wall effortlessly lifts, allowing the crushed material to be seamlessly re-compacted into the receiver container. This automatic process ensures optimum waste reduction and containment. Once the task is completed, the Pre-Crusher automatically resets itself, ready and waiting for the next load of waste materials.


Marathon’s RJ-575 EHD/PC Extra-Heavy-Duty Pre-Crusher is engineered with the utmost strength and durability. This remarkable machine stands as the pinnacle of the Pre-Crusher line, designed specifically to tackle the most demanding size reduction and compaction applications with ease.

Built with a robust construction, the RJ-575 EHD/PC showcases exceptional sturdiness, ensuring it can effortlessly handle the toughest materials. Whether you're dealing with bulky waste or challenging waste streams, this Pre-Crusher is equipped to take on the task with unwavering reliability.

Experience unparalleled performance and efficiency as the RJ-575 EHD/PC expertly crushes and compacts your materials. With its heavy-duty construction, it guarantees optimal size reduction and compaction results, effectively reducing the volume of waste and facilitating more efficient waste management.

Marathon's 575 EHD Pre-Crusher Trash Compactor

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