Marathon Galaxy Wide Mouth Two Ram Baler
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Galaxy 2R (Wide Model)


If you're in search of a recycling baler that can handle large volumes of recyclable materials, the Marathon Galaxy 2R two ram wide model recycling balers are the perfect solution. These balers feature a full-penetration compaction ram that produces high-density bales that are easy to transport and store.

The programmable PLC controller of the Galaxy 2R two ram wide model offers automatic and manual controls, diagnostics, and bale set-up functions, providing you with ease and convenience in managing your recycling needs. Additionally, switching between recyclable materials is simple thanks to the user-friendly baler controller.

If you require a baler that can handle scrap metal, the optional metals package can be added to your Galaxy 2R wide model baler, making it an excellent choice for specific scrap applications.

The Galaxy 2R wide-model balers are also versatile, featuring a multi-purpose door that can serve as a bale separator, bale release, or bale clamp. The variable bale widths make these balers adaptable to your specific recycling needs. The high-efficiency power unit, adjustable shear beam, replaceable and reversible shear blades, and main ram and ejector-ram laser positioning are all standard components of our wide-model balers.

In addition to their functionality, the Galaxy 2R wide-model balers are also user-friendly, with an easy-to-use baler controller and multi-purpose door that makes operation and maintenance simple, even for those who are new to recycling balers.


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