Harmony S60XDRC Vertical Baler
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The S60XDRC Automatic Multi-Material Baler is the perfect solution for those looking for versatility and high capacity in one machine! This baler can handle a wide range of materials, including plastic bottles, steel cans, aluminum cans, HDPE, and more. The front door of the machine allows for manual feeding of different materials, providing added flexibility and convenience for the operator.

One of the standout features of the S60XDRC is the incredible density it achieves without any preconditioning. This results in consistently high-quality, heavy bales that are more marketable and save on transportation costs. With its ability to handle a variety of recyclable materials and produce dense bales, this automatic multi-material baler is ideal for recycling centers, transfer stations, grocers, department stores, manufacturing facilities, universities, municipalities, and other industrial or commercial applications.

The S60XDRC has a bale size of 30”x 60” ≤ 48” and a bale weight (OCC) of 900-1000 lbs. Its large feed opening of 25″x 60″ and impressive ram force of 92,360 lbs. make it a highly efficient and effective machine for high-volume recycling operations.


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