Harmony S60XD Vertical Baler
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The Harmony S60XD Heavy-Duty Multi-Material Baler is a powerful and flexible machine suitable for any application. With the ability to make very dense bales, this baler does not require costly fluffing or preconditioning of materials, making it highly efficient and cost-effective. By producing fewer, heavier bales, the S60XD saves on transportation costs while increasing the value of the baled materials.

Loaded with extra features not found in comparable balers, the S60XD is designed for years of reliable and trouble-free service. This baler can be shipped upright or on its side, making it easy to transport to any location. It saves labor and preparation time, making your operation more profitable.

The S60XD is capable of handling a wide variety of recyclable materials, including OCC, newspaper, magazines, aluminum cans, PET, HDPE, milk jugs, clothing/textiles, carpet, 50-gallon drums, and more. Its large volume capacity, with bale size dimensions of 30”x 60” ≤ 48”, allows it to compress OCC bales up to 900-1000 lbs. The S60XD has a wide feed opening of 25″x 60″ and a powerful ram force of 92,360 lbs., making it highly efficient at compressing materials. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful multi-material baler, the Harmony S60XD is an excellent choice.


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