31 May 6 Amazing Facts About Aluminium Can Recycling In The USA

6 Amazing Facts About Aluminium Can Recycling In The USA

6-amazing-facts-about-aluminium-can-recycling-in-the-usaAmericans are recycling more than ever. It’s great news, as recycling was once thought of in a different view than it is today, with almost every person making a conscious effort to help with recycling.

One of the great things about recycling is how easy it is. Even just the smallest amount makes a big difference, even if you’re only recycling in small quantities. Some things make recycling that much easier, such as aluminium, which is one of the widely recycled materials in the country.

Check out these 6 amazing facts about aluminium can recycling in the USA:

1. Recycled aluminium cans are worth billions annually

Aluminium cans are the most valuable recyclable material coming from US households. Each year, over $1 billion worth of aluminium is recycled, with aluminium cans contributing more than $800 million towards this figure.

2. Enough energy is saved from recycled aluminium cans to power light bulbs in Pittsburgh for 6 years

One of the overlooked facts about recycling aluminium is the energy is saves. It takes less energy to recycle an aluminium can than it does to manufacture a new one, meaning we save more energy by simply recycling.

For every single can recycled, you save enough energy to listen to an entire album on an iPhone!

3. 75% of all aluminium manufactured in the last 100 years remains in circulation

That’s right, two thirds of all the aluminium produced in the last 100 years in America is still in use today, most of it in the shape of aluminium cans! Americans have been recycled this material since the 1970s, and it’s estimated that more than 20 billion tonnes have been recycled in that time.

4. More than $1 billion worth of cans are lost to landfill sites each year

While aluminium cans are recycled at a very impressive rate, with more 120,000 recycled daily, there are still countless cans lost to landfill sites. The total value of these non-recycled cans equates to roughly $1 billion – talk about lost opportunity!

5. Americans have recycled enough aluminium cans to reach the moon

Since the 1970s, Americans have recycled so many cans that if you stacked them up they would reach the moon! Better still, these numbers continue to rise – in 2010, if all the recycled aluminium cans in America were stacked, it would be over 1,400 times taller than the Empire State Building!

6. An aluminium takes just 60 days to be fully recycled

The recycling process for aluminium is so efficient that it takes only 60 days to be completely recycled. That’s from the recycling plant straight back to the supermarket shelves in two months!

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