5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace from Virus Outbreaks

09 Apr 5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace from Virus Outbreaks

5 Ways to Protect Your Workplace from Virus OutbreaksThe spread of COVID-19 has been the dominating news topic around the world in 2020 so far. Everyone knows that you can protect yourself from the novel Coronavirus mainly by washing hands and staying home in case you are sick. However, workplaces have some additional responsibilities because they can be a place where the likelihood of virus outbreak is very high.

Following are 5 ways to protect your distribution center, warehouse, factory, recycling center, or other type of workplace from virus outbreaks:

1. Review and Update Policies
For the safety of your employees, it is highly recommended that you review your sick leave, work from home, and paid time off policies to determine the leave employees are entitled to if they are infected with coronavirus as well as current measures that you have in place for employees to work from home if they have been exposed to the virus. In light of COVID-19, you should update all of these policies to increase the amount of paid sick leave your employees are allowed to take as well as allow employees to utilize their vacation time as paid sick leave.

2. Help People Work from Home
Social distancing is currently one of the primary ways to prevent the contagious virus from spreading. The less social contact people have, the fewer the chances of virus outbreaks. It may make sense, particularly if more cases appear, for workplaces to encourage employees to work from home and avoid travel. With that in mind, as an employer, you should make plans now so that people can avoid coming in to the workplace. Remote access and teleconferencing to work computer systems may be part of that plan, if your employees have desk jobs.

3. Encourage Good Health and Hygiene Standards
As an employer, it is your responsibility to encourage good health and hygiene standards amongst your employees. This is crucial particularly for workplaces like warehouses and recycling centers where the likelihood of virus outbreak is higher. Staff should be provided with sanitizing gel as well as ample hand washing facilities. It is also a good idea to provide hand sanitizing gels at entrances for visitors use.

4. Publish Guidance and Information
You should publish, in prominent and readily accessible areas, up-to-date and accurate information and guidance related to COVID-19 and its associated health risks. The purpose of such information and guidance is to raise awareness of hand hygiene and how to protect the workplace from virus outbreaks. Following are some of the examples of these guidelines:

• Use hand sanitizer
• Wash hands thoroughly and regularly
• Don’t share linens – towels, etc.
• Clean and disinfect hard surfaces regularly
• Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze
• Don’t share food
• Avoid contact with infected individuals
• Keep your working environment well ventilated and dry

5. Carry Out Risk Assessment
Carry out a risk assessment to identify whether there are any factors in your workplace that increase the risk of virus outbreak as well as to identify employees who are in a high-risk or vulnerable group. Afterwards, put a procedure in place so that your employees are prepared to respond to any incidents that might pose an imminent and serious danger to employees.

These are some of the ways to protect your workplace from virus outbreaks. Even if COVID-19 hasn’t reached your area, it is still extremely important to be prepared as the virus continues to develop globally.

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