Things Made from Recycled Glass

17 Dec 7 Things Made from Recycled Glass

Things Made from Recycled GlassGlass is an amazing substance. It can be recycled again and again. The good thing about this wonderful substance is that it retains its quality after recycling. There are so many different things that are made from recycling this versatile material. So, let’s take a look at some of the uses of recycled glass.

Following are 7 things made from recycled glass:

1. Glass Bottles
The glass industry was the first to realize the true benefits of collecting and processing its own packaging in order to create new packaging for products. These days, the glass industry achieves a recycling rate to aspire to, unlike many other industries that are slowly lagging behind.

2. Composite Glass Countertops
Recycled glass can be turned into durable and beautiful countertops for use in bathrooms and kitchens and this attractive product is gaining a lot of popularity in modern interiors thanks to its amazing reflective properties and the fact that its durability can compete with tough granite and some other types of composite countertops. The majority of glass composite countertops consist of a combination of 15% cement and 85% recycled glass.

3. Recycled Glass Tiles
Pearlescent, shiny, matte or sandblasted, the choice of finish when you are looking for recycled glass tiles is as astounding as the amazing variety of colors. Many companies offer a customized service allowing their customers the opportunity to choose the shape and dimensions of their tiles, allowing people to create a unique look of their own using this green product.

4. Recycled Glass Backsplashes
Made with recycled glass, glass backsplashes come in a wide range of sizes. They are a durable and hygienic surface for homes as well as businesses and the options in terms of their design and color are plentiful. Fiber optic lights that are fitted beneath the surface are one of the numerous creative ways to use this green product to enhance an interior.

5. Glassphalt
This specific variant of asphalt uses a quantity of crushed glass in place of sand and makes a stunning alternative to standard pavement because apart from being durable and tough, it sparkles in the sunlight!

6. Beads
Recycled glass is also used to make beads that are then utilized to manufacture all kinds of craft and jewelry products. Glass has been used for beads for centuries so recycling this material for this specific purpose makes perfect sense.

7. Construction Material
There are a wide range of uses for recycled glass in construction. When it is crushed thoroughly, it can be used to replace sand. And if it is crushed less thoroughly, it is still useable as it can replace gravel.

Following are some of the uses of recycled glass in construction:

• In aggregate
• Backfill for foundations
• Backfill for pipes and trenches
• Road surfaces
• The production of insulation materials
• Mixing concrete

The possibilities are endless when used glass is viewed as a resource rather than waste. This useful and versatile material can be reused in all kinds of different ways by all kinds of communities and businesses. This material can be recycled again and again with the right recycling equipment, so it is important that we recycle our unwanted and used glass products in a responsible way.

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