Sweed ACSR Chopping Line

ACSR Chopping Line


The 5703 XHD from Sweed, a leading innovator in scrap processing technology, is a true powerhouse when coupled with their Magnetic Separator. In fact, companies using this dynamic duo are reporting no difficulty in keeping pace with the most challenging scrap cable loads. With the 5703 XHD and Magnetic Separator working together, ferrous and nonferrous metals are cleanly and efficiently separated, adding value to the scrap processing operation.

Sweed's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for scrap processing needs is evident in their Multi-Task and ACSR Separation System. This versatile system can handle a wide variety of scrap wire types, including communication wire, power cables, copper wire, and more. And for companies processing 100,000 pounds or more of ACSR annually, the payback potential of this system is particularly attractive.

Whether your scrap processing operation has low or high volume needs, Sweed engineers have designed several system footprints to accommodate your unique requirements. And with the option to customize the system with additional equipment for maximum performance, Sweed's Multi-Task and ACSR Separation System is an investment that delivers real results.


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