Sani-Tech ST1554/36 Auger Trash Compactor
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Sani-Tech’s ST1554/36 combines the power of pre-crushing and compacting into one efficient motion. The auger operates continuously in a forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of the material it processes. As a result, the ST1554/36 can compact at speeds up to five times faster than traditional hydraulic compactors, eliminating the need for time-consuming tasks like flattening boxes or storing bales.

With a hopper capacity of 5 cubic yards, this compactor can handle large volumes of waste. The tapered auger, ranging from 54" to 36" in diameter, ensures efficient compaction while preventing material binding inside the container—a common issue with ram-style compactors.

Powered by a 15 HP motor and boasting an auger RPM of 8, the ST1554/36 delivers exceptional compaction capabilities. With a displacement rate of 314 cubic yards per hour, it guarantees efficient operation, ensuring that your waste management process remains seamless. The electro-mechanical drive system provides reliable performance, while the UL-listed 110V control panel offers convenient and safe control over the compactor's functions.

Weighing 5400 lbs. and with an impressive auger torque of 295,000 in. lbs., the ST1554/36 is built to withstand heavy-duty usage. Its advanced spiral feed design and box destruction mechanism prevent material from spilling out of the container during bin separation, ensuring a clean and efficient compaction process.


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