Sani-Tech ST1540/30 Auger Trash Compactor
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ST1540/30 & ST1540/30IN


Sani-Tech’s ST1540/30 and ST1540/30IN combine pre-crushing and compacting into a single, powerful motion. The auger continuously runs in a forward direction, effortlessly crushing and reducing the size of the material it is fed. With this innovative design, the ST1540/30 and ST1540/30IN achieve compaction speeds up to five times faster than traditional hydraulic compactors, setting new industry standards.

Equipped with a 4.8 cubic yards hopper capacity, these compactors handle large volumes of material, minimizing the need for frequent emptying. The tapered auger, ranging from 40" to 30" in diameter, ensures optimal compaction and effortless handling of various materials. Operating at 9 rotations per minute, the auger swiftly crushes and compacts the material, significantly enhancing productivity.

With a robust 15 HP motor, the ST1540/30 and ST1540/30IN auger compactors deliver the power required to tackle even the most demanding compaction tasks with ease. Its impressive displacement rate of 314 cubic yards per hour ensures rapid and efficient material processing, maximizing productivity and throughput. The compactors support both 240V and 480V power supply options, catering to different electrical configurations. Its electro-mechanical drive system ensures smooth and consistent operation, while the UL-listed 110-volt control panel provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring.

Weighing 5000 lbs., the ST1540/30 and ST1540/30IN strike a perfect balance between power and maneuverability. Its impressive auger torque of 270,000 in-lbs guarantees efficient compaction, delivering outstanding results every time.


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