Maren ProPAK 2R185 Two Ram Baler
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ProPAK 2R185


Introducing the ProPAK 2R185 Model, a fully automatic two ram baler from Maren that addresses all your baling concerns with ease. Its extra-large feeder hopper can adapt to gravity, pneumatic, or belt conveyor automatic feed devices, making it capable of handling a wide range of materials effortlessly.

One of the standout features of the ProPAK 2R185 is its ability to switch materials on the go, saving you time and effort while avoiding any material contamination. Moreover, the chamber clears out completely after every bale, preventing unwanted contaminated bales.

The built-in shear is another notable feature of this two ram baler, eliminating the need for pre-conditioning tough materials, making it more efficient. Additionally, the feeder hopper's adaptability means that you can handle a variety of materials without any inconvenience.

Maren provides two wire-tie systems, the Accent 470 and L.P. Pinnacle II, both tying the bale underneath and the short way. This method saves wire, increases bale density, and ensures the bales stay together during transportation. With less downtime and expenses, the ProPAK 2R185 is an intelligent choice for all your baling requirements.


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