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ProPAK 2R175


Introducing the Model ProPAK 2R175 – the perfect solution for your baling needs! The fully automatic 2 RAM baler has been designed with your convenience in mind. With an extra-large feed hopper, you can easily dispose of oversize materials such as refrigerator boxes, gaylord containers, and large screen TV boxes.

The Bale Separation Door ensures that you get clean bales, free from unwanted contaminants. Plus, it provides relief for oversize bales, giving you peace of mind knowing that your bales won't get damaged. Unlike other balers in the market, this baler’s progressive shear blade design makes "pre-conditioning" unnecessary. Made of replaceable hardened and ground tool steel, these blades are built to last.

Maren uses the Accent 470 wire tie system, which ties the bale around the short dimension. This not only saves on wire but also ensures better bale integrity during transportation. You'll save time and money in the long run, making our ProPAK 2R175 the smart choice for your baling needs.


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