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Transfer Station Compaction Systems

Marathon's High Volume Transfer Station Compaction Systems are a game-changer in the waste management industry. With the ability to process up to an impressive 90 tons of material per hour, these transfer system compactors streamline the compaction process by directly compacting the materials into the transfer trailer. Marathon’s high capacity transfer station compactors are available with multiple options, allowing them to be easily configured to suit a wide range of transfer station layouts and applications. The result? A highly efficient waste management solution that is sure to revolutionize the way we handle waste.


The BlokPak 3000 is the largest transfer system compactor in the Marathon family. This powerful machine is designed to efficiently compact waste against a vertical gate, forming an impressive 10-foot (3 meter) log in the compaction chamber. Once compacted, each log is seamlessly ejected into the transfer trailer, allowing the process to continue until maximum payload capacity is achieved. Even when the trailer is full, the BlokPak 3000 can continue to be fed while changing trailers, saving valuable time and maximizing productivity. This unique design not only boosts efficiency, but also eliminates the need for expensive ejection type trailers. The BlokPak 3000 is a true game-changer in waste management, providing unparalleled performance and convenience to help you tackle your waste management needs with ease.

Blokpack 3000 Transfer Station Compactor
Marathon M-Series Transfer Station Compactor


When it comes to tackling the high demands of transfer stations or heavy industrial applications, the Marathon M-Series Compactors are the clear choice for those who demand durability and reliability. Built tough to handle even the most challenging of environments, these compactors are designed to excel in a variety of applications. With the ability to be mounted on a platform, these compactors can seamlessly compact materials directly into the transfer trailer, streamlining the waste management process and boosting efficiency. Plus, with extended snouts that aid in clean breakaways, you can rest assured that each and every compacted load will be as clean and efficient as possible. For those who demand the very best in waste management equipment, the Marathon M-Series Compactors are the clear choice for uncompromising performance and reliability.


The Rawhide Series is a standard option on the M-Series 1475XW Compactor from Marathon. This powerful system boasts an impressive 48-inch ram penetration, making it especially beneficial for packing out transfer trailers and achieving a clean breakaway. With the Rawhide Series, you can rest assured that every load is compacted to perfection, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness in your waste management operations.

Marathon Rawhide Transfer Station Compactor

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